• Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand

  • A registered
    CHARITABLE Organisation in New Zealand

  • promote, popularize the
    rich culture and heritage


The foundation of Uttarakhand Association of New Zealand (UANZ) was laid on 30th of March 2013 in New Zealand to promote, popularize the rich culture and heritage of our homeland Uttarakhand.
One of the members of our association, Shri Jitedra Singh Rana was diagnosed with blood cancer in Sept 2013. UANZ came forward and donated an amount of $1400 for his medical treatment in Mumbai.
'Baduli' that literally means 'hiccup', is a word that is typically used in Uttarakhand folklore when you attribute the occurance of a hiccup to a loved one or a relative thinking of you. Incidentally, for uttarakhandies based out of uttarakhand and our home country, India, this has come to have a bigger meaning in our lives as we indulge from time to time in fond reminiscences of homeland and its people, regardless of occasional hiccup.
In june 2013, a multiday cloudburst in Uttarakhand produced devastating floods and landslides becoming the country's worst natural disaster in the past decade. Barely a month old, UANZ stepped up to the opportunity to provide aid and contributed $12390 in donation proceeds for the Kedarnath Relief Fund.

Nourishing the Roots

Quality education requires 'human and financial resources which should be available to the maximum extent possible… & we are working to arrannge the resources for that.

Social Welfare

The Organization aims the development of weaker section of the society and their livelihood. We also focus the preservation and conservation of Environment.

Promoting Folk

The folk-lore of Uttarakhand, indeed the lives of the people are filled with dancing-it is the main part of their tradition and heritage for them as wearing clothes, a must for life.

The Activities We Do

Holi & Diwali Celebrations

Thousand of miles away from our motherland, here in New Zealand every year UANZ organize the celebrations of Holi & Diwali festivals, to get together...


inter-cultural exchange

UANZ is committed to preserve the cultural heritage of uttarakhand. Exporing our Garhwali & Kumaoni culture to peoples of New Zealand is always a...


Environment Protection

Fresh air, Clean Water & Green land are the three basic needs to protect the environment. UANZ is working in direction of protecting the environment from...


Cultural Festivals

Uttakhand has a rich cultural heritage and cultural festivals aim to act as a dynamic force behind cultural innovation and social bonding...


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People's Reviews About UANZ

In last 4 years we worked for society and earned the faith of people's.

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Events Calendar

UANZ organizes lots of events and seminars from time to time. Thousands of miles away from our motherland, here in New Zealand every year UANZ organizes the celebration of Holi & Diwali festivals, to get together. UANZ is committed to preserve the cultural heritage of uttarakhand. Demonstrating our Garhwali & Kumaoni culture to the people in New Zealand. Here In Events Calendar section you can easily view all the upcoming events and programs which are to be organized by UANZ.


Awards & Honors

UANZ is working in sector of cummunity welfare and social establishment. UANZ is committed to preserve the cultural heritage of uttarakhand. Exporing our Garhwali & Kumaoni culture to peoples of New Zealand. Preserving cultural heritage and traditon is also a key area of UANZ. UANZ offers lot of awards and honors for the peoples who are positively working for the peoples. Here in Awards & Honors section you can view all the awards and honors offerd by the UANZ.


Professionals Search

Here in New Zealand, lot of uttarakhandies are working in several industries. Some of them are working in Information Technology, Health, Hotels and even in business. We have listed these peoples and professionals on the our site with there detailed profile. If you are searching some expersts who can give services to your business please search the professionals as per your industry. Uttarakhandies are known for their honesty.


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There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. By donating, you will also be supporting your own community and literally saving lives with every pint donated.
UANZ understands its social responsibility and supports Starship Foundation to fund raise for meeting its various goals relating to Children health. We also help the peoples of Uttarakhand, our motherland, in the field of education, health and livelyhood through “Nourishing Uttarakhand Roots Project” and help Uttarakhand children see “hope for their future”.


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